A Vampire Diaries Roleplay
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 How 2 Roleplay - Roleplaying for Dummies

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Clara Andrews

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PostSubject: How 2 Roleplay - Roleplaying for Dummies   Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:55 pm

Roleplay: [ROL-plæ], is a verb.
Roleplaying is the act of acting out of your natural settings. You could be a 19 year old college student (not me), and in roleplay, a royal princess. In this roleplay in exact, you can take on the persona of a character living in Mystic Falls! They can be either Canon (a character actually shown in the series) or OC (a character who you make up completely.)

You might not be thinking, "Oh skiddly doo, I can't wait!", no. You are most likely thinking exactly how do you do it.

Roleplaying is accomplished with you creating a character. After you follow the whole process in getting it accepted and such, you move on to making threads. Threads are classified in three classes.

Open - Your thread is open to anyone.

*Open - Your thread is open for a limited time.

Closed - Your thread is closed to the public besides a select amount of people.

Threading is done in 1st Person, meaning you will write from your perspective. For example...

Clara Andrews wrote:
I love this town. It is full of mystery and mischief! Then again, it is a little less than what I came to see in New York.

You will write as if you were talking.

Now, if you prefer to fight, you'd do something like this...

Clara Andrews wrote:
I jumped from behind the desk as Katherine threw books at me. I caught a book and launched it at her hoping it would hit.

Katerina Petrova wrote:
That pesky little bitch. I'll kill her! I kept launching books at Clara and laughed as they broke apart against the wall. "Come out little piggy." I said with a stop on each word. Clara jumped out and swung a book in my direction to where I easily swatted away the book. "Idiot!" I said.

You see, in fights, you always have to give the opponent a chance at attack you or defend against you. You will get hurt somehow in a fight. Even though you can heal, doesn't make you immune to pain. On special occasions, you will be able to have a cheating advantage. Humans are weaker than all other species in strength and speed besides the witches who are on par besides their magical strength. Vampires are stronger than witches and on occasions, werewolves and hybrids. They are weaker than Originals and on occasions, Werewolves and Hybrids. Its a circle of life.

On the site, there is a forum section that allows you to roleplay on the phone. Roleplaying on the phone is easy. You can reply using text speak without a word limit. Oh yeah, by the way there is a word limit on a post. You can have a minimum of 3 sentences and no less, although detailed posts are preferred, not everyone is as skilled as you may be. Back to the subject, Phone calls can be linked in threads to show you the call log. The same for texts. They both function the same way as they do in real life.

In this roleplay, everyone has money. Money is used regularly. People start off with a $10,000 members bonus. Jobs are used to rack in the cash. Threading at the job is a way to earn money. If you continue to miss threads, you will be fired. Money is used to buy home threads, real estate and objects in the site store. Money is also used to gain entrance to venues across Mystic Falls. A monthly lottery will help you earn $1,000,000! Tune in!

Now that is all you pretty much need to know for roleplaying on this site. If you have any more information, PM Clara Andrews or Nathaniel Hale
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How 2 Roleplay - Roleplaying for Dummies
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