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 How to make a Character Profile

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Nathaniel Hale

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PostSubject: How to make a Character Profile   Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:10 am

1.)Create a new topic in the pending section of this forum.
2.)Name said topic your characters last, first and (optional) middle name. Ex. Hale, Nathaniel Darwin
3.)Copy and paste your characters species code into the forum and fill it out.
4.)Submit the filled out form to be approved by a moderator.
5.)Go ahead and play!
*If you are told to revise your work 3 times, then your character will be ARCHIVED for 3 days. Once those days are up, you are free to edit your profile once again. BUT if you do not follow instructions for a 4th time, your character will be permanently archived in the DENIED section. You will have to remake the application all together.

Vampire Code
[code][center]FIRST MIDDLE LAST

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How to make a Character Profile
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